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Chinese Foot Massage CPD

The main difference from Western Reflexology is that Chinese Foot Massage is based on stimulation rather than relaxation. It uses deep pressure from knuckles and sticks rather than from thumbs and fingers. The treatment needs to be done with wax, oil or cream to allow your knuckles to massage deeply into reflex points, ensuring a stimulating treatment.

This course is very much a practical based day. After a brief introduction to some theory you will quickly move on to learn a Chinese Foot Massage sequence including learning to use Chinese Foot Massage sticks. Even though the Chinese therapy is based on meridians it is interesting that the foot maps developed in the East reflect those that later developed in the west. The sequence also includes a simple technique for helping to clear meridian pathways.

Chinese Foot Massage After completing this course you can offer Chinese Foot Massage as a separate treatment, although I would suggest that the biggest asset of this course is that there are many moves which can be incorporated into your everyday Reflexology sequence to access points deeper whilst protecting your fingers and thumbs.

After the course you will receive a YouTube video of the Massage sequence for future reference.


Please note that these courses are for those already holding a diploma level 3 or above in reflexology.

London Dates:

Friday 1 May 2020 10:00 £1

I will provide everything you need for the day, including a vegetarian soup lunch and refreshments.

The course runs from 10am-5pm, in Sydenham (SE London), see course details for more information. Sydenham is easy to reach, it has 3 stations, an overground station and plenty of free parking in the street, see contacts and travel for more information.


You will receive a certificate for this course for 14 CPD points for AoR members, or 7 hours of CPD training for other organisations. You will also receive instructions on how to add my Chinese Foot Massage logo to your own website.

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